Monday, May 8, 2017

BREAKING: Gen. Roy Cimatu is now the new DENR Sec. replaced Gina

May 8, '17| Monday

An Ex Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff and now a retired General Roy Cimatu has appointed now for being the new DENR Sec. as replace for Gina Lopez

Gen. Roy Cimatu who was the special envoy of OFWs and refugees, serve as chief of staff of the military in the year 2002.

CA last Wednesday rejected the appointment of Gina Lopez and many of the Netizens grief even Mocha Uson.

Manny Pinol stated that it is President Détente introduced Gen. Roy Cimatu as the new DENR Sec.

“‘Let us put an end to all speculations,” Pres. Rody Duterte said as he announced the appointment of former Army General and Ambassdor Roy Cimatu as the new Environment Secretary,” Pinol claimed in his post.

  “My choice for DENR secretary is President Duterte… I can’t think of any other person. It needs guts. It needs tapang (bravery) because you have to step on business interest,” Lopez shared with reporters.

During the official visitor of President Duterte in Middle East, he already said that the Gen., was his choice in replacing Gina.

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