Wednesday, May 3, 2017

BREAKING: Lopez is now facing graft complaint because of collecting money from mining firms

May 4, '17| Thursday

Gina Lopez is now facing different raps against her filed by Atty. Lorna Kapunan. Atty. says that Lopez was not able and unfit to be a DENR Secretary because of her wrong decision on running the mining industry in the country.

Kapunan says that Lopez unfollowing the qualifications that a mining firm should has but allowing some mining firms which are close to her personally.

She says that running the agency should be based by the rules and regulations on the qualifications of mining firms and not based on EMOTIONAL judgement because it could lead to personal interest.

Citinickel, a mining firm in Palawan, says Lopez has favorable attitude towards the job by selecting mining firms that was personally related to her which a biased judgment because it is not based by the qualifications sets by the Law.

Netizens online grief because of this. They want Gina Lopez to be confirmed because they think Gina has the heart for the environment regardless of following the LAWS sets to it.

Mocha Uson posted in her social media account that CA's rejection only shows that they didn't see how Lopez was working for the good of the environment and netizens affirms to it in the comment section.

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Source: UNTV


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