Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BREAKING: PDI once again spotted spreading 'fake news' related to Marawi terrorism attack

May 24, 2017| Wednesday

Mainstream media particularly the Philippine Daily Inquirer once again spotted spreading FAKE NEWS.

Netizens online spreading this post in social media and the PDI still soen't have any addresses about this.

READ THIS POST BY THE NETIZEN: you lying sons of bitches. Stop lying to the nation. How many times will you foment the spread of fake news? You better close shop!

Now you're using photos from the 2013 Cotabato City bombing when your favorite Noynoy Aquino was still president and dare pass them off as photos from Marawi at present?

Are you so desperate to sow fear, to create an impression of chaos if only to help depose Duterte that you would go this low? And you think people won't ever find out? Brazen but bobo!

You're garbage that loves to recycle!

Here are the same photos in your website, attached to a 2013 news article on the Cotabato bombings:

AFP also reminds the Filipinos online to scrutinize every pictures and videos that was spread online as it is part of the PROPAGANDA of the terrorist group. Liberal Party also wants to review the scope of areas where President Duterte declared Martial Law.


Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez Facebook


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