Sunday, May 7, 2017

BREAKING: Robredo family was one of the Jueteng Lord in Naga City

May 8, '17| Monday

The We are Collective FB Page exposes some illegal activities spreading in Naga City during the reign of Jesse Robredo.

They exposes that Jesse Robredo abuses his power and position as Mayor to gain money and to manipulate the City by those illegal businesses including Jueteng whom run by his kumpadre Sonny Mercado.

Former Counsilor Luis Ortega back up these by testifying that Robredo was also part of those operators. He says that Robredo was being corrupt when he was the Mayor and it was provided by documents for the record.

Jesse Robredo proclaimed as Hero by the Yellows after he died on a plane crash that was remain uncleared until this day.

Leni Robredo did not even pursue justice to his death and there were rumors that she maybe part of this conspiracy because Jesse has several wives including Daisy whom he has two sons.

Leni and her daughters
remain silent about this exposes and the mainstream media as well.

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Source: News5Everywhere


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