Monday, May 8, 2017

CIA Documents reveals Aquino is Oppurtunist, Greedy and consumed to become the President

Tuesday| May 09, 2017

Looking on the 10-page report. The political situation during the Aquino-Marcos Era. Marcos Administration has a lot making arrangements for the state visit of President Ronald Reagan.
The event hoped to bolster his crumbling grip on power.

In that era, a battle between good and evil. Marcos was always portrayed as monster and Aquino was the man on a white horse. But reading on the CIA declassified documents, It is more politicking back then that you can't even imagine.

One of the intriguing with the appendix of documents was Aquino has capable ruthlessness with Marcos people.

The report also mentions that it was a confusion for Aquino's Assassination, Because of personal political history. The press has characterized Aquino a man fighting for democracy and integrity.
But in his political career it only shows that he was an opportunist, who was consumed  by greediness of power and ambition to run as a Philippines President.

“Aquino and Marcos each recognized the danger the other represented. Both took an expedient, if not ruthless, approach to their political and personal relationships throughout their political careers…both came from provinces with a tradition of political violence, and both took part in it.”

This documents may shock the people who viewed Ninoy and Cory as political saint.

This will be proof that we should revisit our history and reveal the truth. That we should balance the perspective to reconcile.

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