Sunday, May 28, 2017

CONFIRMED: Narco-Politicians supporting and financing the Maute group

May 29, 2017| Monday

PNP and AFP confirmed that Maute terrorist group was supported and backed up by the Narco-Politicians that was named before by President Duterte and says they were clearly coddled by the Politicians in higher position.

The Mayor in Marawi expresses oneness in what was Marawi is undergoing right now. Gen. Galvez also says that Narco-Politicians were supporting Maute with foods, arms and weapons which needs to use in terrorizing.

Refugees from Marawi
continues to move in other provinces despite of the Ramadan season. People from Iligan also evacuating the area.

The Military is still in offensive defense and assures that everything is fully in control.

As we can remember, Mar Roxas once says that he knows where to buy illegal drugs.

De Lima was also part of illegal drug trade in New Bilibid Prison wherein the drug money was used in her campaign.

Leni Robredo and her family was said involved in illegal drug trading specifically in Naga City elaborated by WAC.

There were also rumors online that the Magdalo of Trillanes was related in Maute-attack since he once says that he has a bomb to explode against Duterte in this coming May 2017.

Bam Aquino
who came from a family of traitor was stayed three days in Marawi City, talked to unknown group alone which allegedly the Maute-group before the said attack.

You be the JUDGE my kababayans.. Why are those politicians are somewhat related and has clues that connects to Maute group??

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Source: PTV


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