Tuesday, May 9, 2017

De Lima, Liberal Party too defensive on Napoles Acquital?

Wednesday| May 10, 2017

De Lima again accused the administration  of entering deal with the pork barrel queen Napoles.
She was assuming that this will be used to black mail and threaten the Political Enemies.
Did De Lima really knows that most of the Liberal Party are included on the scam?

Did De Lima protected them during her stint on DOJ, Under her watch no one on his Party has been charged. Napoles could be a state witness here if the government wants to. One thing is for sure on this. Napoles is not the master mind of this scam! How can she do this things with out he help from the inside?

“In his desire for the absolute acquiescence of all politicians, it is not remote that Duterte will use Napoles to blackmail and threaten any remaining opposition in Congress,” De Lima said Tuesday.

Let this be clear to you. Napoles is only acquitted for illegal detention case and not the Plunder Case. Some of the yellow trolls don't understand this. There is not enough evidence file for detention case. President Duterte has no Jurisdiction on Judiciary.

The Liberal Party has the same tune. are they afraid? Most probably DBM Sec. Abad is one of the conspirator of this scam.

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