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EXPOSED: Aquino admin committed treason by conspiring with U.S against China

May 23, 2017| Tuesday

BS International Relations graduate Jun Avelino on Saturday discussed the "The Malicious Lies on the South China Sea Issue and How Duterte Intends to Exploit its Opportunities".

According to Avelino, President Duterte’s recent pronouncement on China’s threat to war is now being capitalized by his protagonists to once again, spread malicious lies on the South China Sea (SCS) issue to mislead the public.

"They (leftists) have been peddling to the Filipino people the idea that Duterte’s position on the South China Sea is a sell off on our sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea (WPS) to China. This is a grave and malicious lie which all Filipinos should not buy," warned Avelino.

"No one but the Aquino administration and his cohorts are to blame for the dilemma we are facing on our territorial dispute with China upon Duterte’s assumption to Presidency. What is shameful is the audacity of the culprits to blame President Duterte for the problems they created just because Digong befriends China," he stated.

Jun Avelino further explained:

"During the Estrada and Arroyo administrations, policy of restraint was adopted in handling the SCS issue and allowed the ASEAN mechanism to work in order to solve the dispute between China and ASEAN members like Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam who are also party claimants. By engaging China through ASEAN efforts, China’s movement in the SCS was held at bay. The Aquino Administration on the other hand, had adopted a US-inspired aggressiveness over SCS as manifested on its handling of the Scarborough Stand Off. The Scarborough incident transpired in April 10, 2012 after the Philippine Navy warship BRP Gregorio Del Pilar accosted Chinese fishing vessels poaching in the area. Chinese Coast Guard intervened and prevented the arrest, igniting the standoff which eventually involved the US which facilitated and declared that an agreement has been reached for all parties to leave the shoal.

The Philippines withdrew its ship, but China did not. Chinese Coast Guard vessels have since practically occupied the Scarborough shoal, thereby preventing Filipino fishermen access to their traditional fishing grounds since then. It was the Aquino’s move of sending a war ship instead of a civilian BFAR vessel, which provoked China, and which hence, rendered the ASEAN efforts to engage China on the settlement of the territorial disputes ineffective, and practically lead to the de facto China occupation over the Scarborough Shoal. Instead of resorting to ASEAN to help pacify China and to engage it further on a dialogue, Aquino heeded the advise of the US and the country’s legal luminaries to file a case before the Arbitral Tribunal at The Hague in order to invalidate the 9-Dash Line Map claim of China which is based mainly on historical rights. Such move has further agitated China and in response thereof China started its fortification activities on some islands in the Spratly and continuously deny our fishermen access on the Scarborough shoal. While the Aquino government was busy arguing its legal rights on the contested territories before the Arbitral Tribunal, China has expedited the construction of military facilities and installations in the Spratly. When the Arbitral Tribunal’s decision on our case was handed down in July of 2016, the fortification activities of China in the Spratly were almost complete. We won the case but it was an empty one because it does not bind China on the decision. For it to be binding, China should recognize and participate in the proceedings which it never did.

The Aquino administration therefore had committed that treasonous act of conspiring with the US in challenging the 9-Dash Line Map Claim of China before the Arbitral Tribunal which resulted to China’s occupation of our islands in the Spratly. It should be noted that there are other country claimants which are affected by the 9-Dash Line Map Claim of China aside from the fact that even US and European countries interests are also affected due to the threat it posed on the international air and sea lanes. But these countries did not participate thereby refusing to be used by the US and Europe in their fight against China over the control in the SCS. But the Aquino Administration has willingly and even with open legs, allowed this country to be used and abused by the West in taking the cudgel for them to stand against China’s claim. And at the end of it all, we got nothing. We lost the Spratly islands and Scarborough Shoal and earned the perpetual enmity of our giant neighbor who is now willing to strike us out with gnashing teeth for what we did. This is typical of America and Europe. They used small countries like us to fight their own wars for them and in this case, their proxy war with China and leave us alone thereafter. Consequently, we absorbed the impact of their war and we got hit badly for the miscalculation in handling this case by our previous leaders.

Hence, to even think that we can bank on the help US and European countries should we continue to fight China on the prodding of the West is not only delusional, it is also suicidal and only autistic leaders like PNOY with moronic tendencies will thread that path. For the Aquino administration and his cohorts, you had your time to serve this country well. But you blew it up big time. Instead of fighting for the interest of the Philippines, you fought for the interest of the West first and therefore, you have no moral ascendancy whatsoever to criticize the Duterte government in solving the problems which you yourselves have surreptitiously created.

So let’s continue to believe in Duterte and on his diplomatic charm and shun those black propaganda being peddled around by the previous administration’s minions (including mainstream media) who only want to save their blackened faces. Less than a year from the Presidency, he has already accomplished so much in our diplomatic relations with other countries. With Sen. Alan Cayetano now at the helm of the DFA portfolio, we are confident of a more organized and judicious handling of the SCS issue where the interests of the Filipinos are the primordial consideration and not those of the US and the West.

For the anti Duterte forces, instead of being consistently a pain in the ass, go through the process of retribution for all the grievous sins you have committed against our country and help us pray for the success of our leaders in getting back what you maliciously gave away to China for the 6 years that you were in power. As far as the ordinary Filipinos are concerned, you are traitors, no less!"


Source: Jun Avelino Facebook


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