Wednesday, May 31, 2017

EXPOSED: Noynoy had relationship with Coco Martin, confirmed he's a gay

June 1, 2017| Thursday

In this video, Andrew Olivar exposes some dark secrets of the previous president who allegedly the brain of PDAF scam, Noynoy Aquino.

We all know that ABS-CBN was in the side of Liberal Party as we can see on how they promote their political candidates during the campaign and how they blast black propaganda against their political rivals.

Coco Martin a well known veteran actor was said having relationship with Noynoy Aquino that's why he has so many big projects especially during Noynoy's term.

Coco Martin also promotes Liberal Party during the Presidential Campaign and was criticized by Netizens that he knows nothing when it talks about Politics and better to stop promoting LP instead.

Andrew also slams Rappler. He says that Rappler targeting Mocha Uson of spreading fake news because she has 5M above supporters in her page while Rappler has 3M above but only gets 23 likes in every post.

He adds that Maria Ressa, the CEO of Rappler looks like a "butike". HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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