Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nograles: President Duterte online supporters are not Trolls or Paid hacks!

Saturday| May 20, 2017

Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles came to the defense for President Duterte "Multitude of hard-line supporters"

Nograles claimed that they are real supporters who simply get “very emotional” whenever the president is criticized for his actions.

Nograles said the president is enjoying unprecedented “respect and reverence” a year after he was elected. He said Mr. Duterte’s critics are only trying to discredit his “popular support” by tagging his fanatics as paid trolls.

“His legion of supporters [is] being unfairly tagged as trolls, but in reality, these are ordinary people who are strong believers of the President. They are not paid hacks,” Nograles said.

The president’s detractors are trying to “weaken” public support but are “obviously failing in all fronts.”

“The records will show major gains where past governments have failed and this is the reason why our people are very emotional when their Tatay Digong is being attacked,” he said, using the affectionate term coined by Mr. Duterte’s supporters.

Nograles cited that war on drugs are a huge success for minimizing the shabu availability.

“The war against illegal drugs has gained momentum despite the challenge by critics at home and abroad,” he said.

Nograles also pointed to the momentum in the ongoing peace negotiations with the left-wing National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Nograles also mentioned that  Independent Foreign Policy was the "Greatest Achievement" of this administration.

Nograles said critics are only “trying to create a ruckus” over Mr. Duterte’s regard for the United States and the European Union. “At least we can truly say that our government is not subservient to any foreign power,” he said.

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