Friday, May 19, 2017

SHOCKING: Children as young as 5 yr old are sold to pedophiles by their own mothers in Philippines!

Saturday | May 20, 2017

 A shocking documentary on the mothers caught selling their own children to pedophiles.

In harrowing scenes from the episode two women who have several children between them - some as young as five years old - are seen accepting money in exchange for access to the youngsters.

Despite the evidence the mothers shockingly blames the crimes on their children instead.

Mike has made contact with the women by creating a fake persona, and to gather the evidence he needed he asked the women what they would allow their children do.

Mike said: 'Some of these guys sometimes ask for the most horrendous abuse of a child.

'They could ask for a child to be lit on fire, basically tortured. Some of these guys you read their [online chats], they’re obviously terribly sick people, they’re monsters.'

Mike was to meet the mother in a private villa where they explained their girls 'can do sex' before he handed over money as part of the transaction.

After gathering the evidence on camera Mike and his team were able to arrest the two women.

Shockingly, the women showed no remorse, and so Stacey visited the pair in prison afterwards to see if they realised the extent of their crime.

But the presenter was shocked to hear that the women pin the blame on their children.

'It was the kids, they initiated it themselves,' one of the women claimed through tears.

'Many youths do things they shouldn’t. There are things the parents can’t control. But I’m not selling [them]…'

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