Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SHOCKING: Mike Enriquez sinabihan si Robredo ambisyosa!

Thursday| May 11, 2017

In a radio interview of Mike Enriquez to Leni Robredo seemed to be akward when Mike tell Robredo was ambitious.

The radio host became straightforward in his questioned that made the Vice President little bit shocked and she only responded enriquez with an awkward smile.

Hera are the transcript of their conversation.

“Masyado daw po kayong ambisyosa?” Enriquez asked Robredo.

Robredo believed that she labeled as “ambitious” by her enemies because they thought that she wanted to become a President.

She explained that she’s not hungry for power and her supporters knew that.

But the situation became more awkward because of the reply of Enriquez to Vice President Robredo’s explanation.

“Ah ganon.. anong gusto niyong maging?” Enriquez asked Robredo followed by his laugh.

Robredo answered Mike and the Vice President said that she only wanted to have a momentum to do her job.

“Ah ganon?” Enriquez replied.

When Robredo said that it would take five years before President Duterte’s term ended, Enriquez noticed the body language of Robredo.

“Bumaba po yung balikat niyo eh di ko alam kung namalayan niyo yun,” Enriquez told Robredo.

“Nahahalata ba?” Robredo said.

Enriquez also not convinced by what Robredo said that she doesn’t have any plans to run for presidency on 2022.

“Ah ganon.. Wala.. never? Paninindigan niyo po ba yan ma’am?” Enriquez said.

The radio host asked again if Leni Robredo would change her mind if her supporters gathered five million signatures to urge her to run for Presidency.

In response, Leni Robredo said that five million signatures are not enough to win the presidency.

“Ah ganun..” Enriquez told Robredo again 

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