Thursday, May 25, 2017

VIRAL: Marawi City declared as an official Islamic City by Wikipedia

May 25, 2017| Thursday

On Wednesday May 23, right the moment when the invasion of Maute in Marawi, a post in social media becomes viral when Wikipedia declared Marawi as an official Islamic City.

Netizens online commenting that the situation on Wednesday was clearly manipulated by an organized syndicate which made this "concerted" moves.

Some of the Netizens says, it may be Liberal Party connived with the U.S who can manipulate the internet world specifically the Wikipedia since this browser was made by the U.S
Bam Aquino was said went to Marawi few days before the invasion happened and was interviewed yesterday by the mainstream media about of what he thinks is the organizer of the Maute Terrorists, he says "No comment".
Bam Aquino's statement was backed up with Trillanes disagree to President's declaration to Martial law.

Meanwhile Noynoy Aquino also gave statement about it and he said he can't give a solid opinion without any basis of what is really happening in Mindanao.

Some of the rallyist
group was also went roads holding a banner against Martial Law and they were suspected being paid by the Liberal Party specially because they are living in Luzon while the Martial Law was only for Mindanao.

Leni Robredo
was promoted by the mainstream media as she asks for a donation for Marawi people and said they'll going to give relief goods for them.

Isn't it amazing how was Liberal Party acts like they are in "teleserye" standing for their roles in one motives??

Why are they afraid of Martial Law?? Are they protecting terrorists and criminals rather than protecting innocent civilians??

There are rumors that LP was connived with the U.S which seems possible based on the happenings in real situation and based to what was Liberal Party and U.S did to former President Marcos during his era.

Are Loida Nicolas Lewis and Fidel V. Ramos involve in this grand plan since they were included in the name lists that was leaked through their Yahoo's conversation??

You be the Judge kababayan..

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