Monday, May 8, 2017

WATCH: Catholic baptizing members by hardly slapping wet mop on their faces

May 9, '17| Tuesday

In an uploded video by a Netizen from Chicago Illinois, it shows that a Catholic symbolism with a huge cross in the background clearly initiating a baptizing alike ritual by hitting the members with a wet map on their faces regardless their gender either a woman or a man.

In the video, the people watching were all laughing of the rituals, they taking videos and wondering why is it like that.

Netizens online giving comments that it was a cult-like initiation. The video went viral and gathered 31,000 shares and continuing.

What are your comments here my fellow countrymen? YOU be the judge of what is happening to our society manipulated by the hidden group. Does really religion was a man-made to be use by evils?

Watch the video below and YOU BE THE JUDGE.

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