Sunday, May 21, 2017

WATCH: De Lima is now afraid of Napoles and Lt. Col Marcelino for testifying against her

May 22, 2017| Monday

De Lima was now being afraid of Marcelino believing he was freed to testify against her. Marcelino claims that he has knowledge regarding the Bilibid Boys illegal drug tradings which will connect De Lima to shabu trade.

Marcelo's cases was dismissed by the DOJ due to insufficient evidences and probable cause. DOJ will use Marcelino to testify regarding the illegal drug trade during De Lima's handling DOJ. 

Meanwhile, Napoles was going to testify against politicians who were involved in the PDAF scam. De Lima was the DOJ Secretary when the PDAF and DAP scam scandal expose and she says Napoles was unreliable to be a witness.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: UNTV


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