Thursday, May 4, 2017

WATCH: Gina Lopez gave permit to operate to Eric Guttierez, a Mar Roxas financier

May 6, 17| Friday

In this video of Erwin Tulfo in his radio segment, he explains that he have searched a lot of things about Gina Lopez since year 2010.

According to him, Gina Lopez is only acting falsely, pretending to have cares for the environment though she is not an environmentalist.

Erwin says that Lopez has sibling who owned mining firm in Batangas that causes a lot of problems and hindrances to the residents of the area but Gina Lopez did not even include it in the list of those for foreclosure.

He added that a Lopez is part of the Yellows which will remain the same Yellows no matter what.

Eric Guttierez is one of the top financier of Mar Roxas and Liberal Party.  Their mining firm faces several cases in Supreme Court regarding the violation of the rules and regulation in mining and also for not paying the TAXES.

Gina Lopez gave them permits to operate despite of the cases against the mining firms.
Lopez still gave them the permit to operate despite she knows that Supreme Court disallows them.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: Erwin Tulfo


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