Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WATCH: Jun Abaya inaming hindi pinagaralan ang kontrata ng MRT!

Tuesday| May 16, 2017

Former Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio "Jun" Abaya admitted he approved a maintenance deal for the Metro Rail Transit - 3 without knowing the maintenance provider's background.

Senator Grace Poe question Abaya about the connection of PH-Trams that won bid with  a joint venture with CB&T. It was only incorporated a couple of months before the award was given.

"Alam ba niyo na iyung kompanya na 'yan, maliit lang ang kapitalisasyon... P625,000, na binibigyan niyo ng kontrata for more than P50 million a month? Two months, ilang months pa lang, na-incorporate, nanalo na ng kontrata? Hindi ba kayo nagtaka nun?" asked Poe, who chairs the committee on public service.

Abaya said he was stopped  to look on the details of the bidding process and should not meddle with the deals.

"Dapat, sir, hindi ka nakikialam, nakikiusyoso dito kasi ang eventual appeal ay papunta sa 'yo," he remembered being told by a former transport department undersecretary.

"Noong nagkaroon po ng desisyon. At that time, nag-o-orient ako sa DOTC. The last thing I would want is to know how these bidders are partnering themselves. I was orienting in air, in rail, in sea. That was my last concern," he said.

Mar Roxas is DOTC before Jun Abaya take place.

"There was a presumption that the organization, the bureaucracy was doing its job," Abaya told Poe. "If I came there as a 'doubting Thomas' being careful that I won't sign anything, MRT-3 would have stopped on October 19."

"No maintenance provider, Sumitomo (MRT's maintenance provider from 2000 to 2010) would have packed its bags, that I could not explain to our people,” he added

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