Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WATCH: The only President who face and talks with the rallyist!

Wednesday| May 10, 2017

President Duterte face the farmers in Mendiola. The Farmers are urging the government to have new land reforms.

President hear out their complaints and assures the farmers that he will give their needs.

The President also feed the rallyist on Manila Hotel, He ask his Secretary Bong Go to make a reservation for them. There are 200 farmers.

The president says to rallyist.

Basta yung naka barong lahat doon naka gown wag ninyong pansinin yon, hindi tayo makakakilala pero sabi ni Mayor dito kami makain ng hapunan.

A first time in our history that a President walk on Mendiola and face a rallyist. They also having fun the way they talk to the President

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