Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WATCH: PH Doctors and Drug Users belies Dr. Carl Hart on Shabu based on their own experience!

Thursday| May 11, 2017

Some doctors in Philippines criticize Dr. Carl Hart on his stance on Metamphenamine (Shabu).
Dr. Hart said that Shabu has no effect on the behavior of users who taking them. He also denounce that Shabu could not shrink the brain of the users.

Drug users also belies Dr. Hart. On their own experience. They feel agitated. Hot-Headed. They had an urge to hurt somebody. They also think that people surround them was their enemies. Also the family of the users claims that the do so much violence when high in Shabu.  A neurologist said it was a common effect for drug users to have this  kind of symptoms.

The doctor claims that base on the CT can of his patient there is a lot difference with brain of normal people and the shabu user.

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