Sunday, May 7, 2017

WATCH: 'P****g *na mo Gascon, Callamard at LP mga magkakutsaba kayo!' —Sass

May 8, '17| Monday

Sass Rogando Sassot explains in her video that Chito Gascon again misleading the Filipinos in Callamard's real motives in visiting the Philippines.

He says that Chito Gascon once again fooling the Filipinos denying he doesn't even know that Callamard was going here despite of saying that Callamard was here for "academic visits/mission"

According to Sass, a U.N rapporteur should follow their mandates which has protocols to follow. In making speech for U.N, it must follow rules, it shouldn't be biased, partisan, for personal interests, and overstepping a Sovereign country's policies.

But Callamard's speech was clearly engaging a Partisan Speech in favor of Liberal Party trying to make the War on Drugs of Duterte's administration appears ineffective. It was clearly for personal purposes that serves Liberal Party and clearly overstepping a Sovereign country's policy.

Sass clearly explains that Liberal Party and Callamard was criticizing directly the Policy of a Sovereign country which DFA should take action to it.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: Sass Rogando Sassot


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