Friday, May 26, 2017

WATCH: Ramos hates Martial Law, says Duterte must work harder instead

May 27, 2017| Saturday

Manila Philippines- Former president Fidel V. Ramos gives unsolicited advice to President Duterte. According to him, Martial Law must not take longer but instead strenghen the force of Policemen and Military.

He says that Duterte must not be very vocal about his plan to declare Martial Law to the entire country but instead uplift the morale of the PH Troops and Filipinos and use all the assets of the government.

He was not totally agree on declaring Martial Law to the entire Mindanao because it will affect the businesses of Marawi City.

He says that everyone should watch the implementation of Martial Law because abuses of power may happen like what happened during the Marcos Era.

He added that some of the provinces near Marawi also got affected  in terms of businesses. He advises that Duterte must make peace and order council from DILG, PNP and AFP to watch over Martial Law to ensure the security of the country.

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Source: UNTV


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