Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WATCH: Sandiganbayan junks Binay's motion to fly outside the county

May 9, '17| Tuesday

Sandiganbayan junks former Vice President Jejomar Binay's motion to fly outside the country. Sandiganbayan wants Binay to settle a conditional arraignment to make sure he'll face his cases by coming back in the country.

Binay wishes to Court to change some conditions so that he can travel to Israel this coming May 15 to 29, however he disagreed to this agreement by Sandiganbayan but according to Anti- graft court, Sandigan has call and the rights to make a conditional arraignment before he fly to other countries.

The Anti-graft court also says that the conditional arraignment may not cause any interruption to the remedy in his cases related to anomalous Makati building projects.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: GMA News


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