Thursday, May 11, 2017

WATCH: Sen. Gordon inimbestigahan ang ma-anomalyang P3.5 Bilyong bakuna sa dengue!

Thursday| May 11, 2017

Sen. Richard Gordon, the chairman of the powerful Blue Ribbon Committee of the Philippine Senate wants to investigate the Aquino administration for the anomalous acquisition of P3.5 billion worth of dengue vaccines during his term.

Sen. Gordon questioned the acquisition of the Aquino admin of the controversial billion peso worth of vaccines, saying that the speed with which the deal was approved suggested the money was used for the elections instead.

The Senator from Olongapo City discovered that while there is no appropriation for the purchase, funds were immediately made available toward the end of the Aquino admin.

The senator wanted to investigate the Aquino admin and noted further that the P3.5 billion spent on dengue vaccine alone was the same as the amounts spent on the expanded immunization program that covered seven ailments.

Anthony Leachon, an independent health advocate and member of the Dengue Expert Panel convened by the DoH, also questioned how a P3.5-billion fund was allocated for a single vaccine when the DoH’s entire vaccination program costs P3 billion.


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