Friday, May 12, 2017

WATCH: Mahigit 800 tiwaling pulis tatangalin ng PNP Counter-Intelligence Task Force

Friday| May 12, 2017

PNP Counter-Intelligence Task Force (CITF) targeted 800 police scalawags on their PNP internal cleansing.

PNP-CITF Director, S/Supt. Chiquito Malayo, The receive a lot of complaint from the Police Scalawags.

They already receive 5,000 complaint for Police Scalawags.

From February there was 15 Scalawag Police arrested when CITF was build to task on WARon Scalawags in order of President Rodrigo Duterte.

It's also included the 4 Makati Police who was arrested on entrapment operation for the kidnapping and robbery by a businessman who file a complaint.

PNP-CITF Director, S/Supt. Chiquito Malayo urge the public to call this hotline and file complaint for Police Scalawags 0995-795-2569 at 0999-897-0286.

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