Friday, June 30, 2017

BREAKING: New flakka drug puts victims into zombie-like state is now in PH

Saturday| July 1, 2017

— A harmful substance known as bath salt or ‘flakka’ in the United States has now entered the Philippine market.

This, after traces of methylenedioxycathinone or MDC has been discovered inside Ken Miagawa, based on the results of the toxicology tests performed by the PNP Crime Laboratory to the fatalities of the rave concert tragedy in Pasay City.

According to former AIDG spokesperson P/CInsp. Roque Merdegia, the substance cathinone comes from khat plants originally found in east Africa and Southern Arabia which the locals usually chew.

But syndicates have created a synthetic cathinone, a form of illegal drug, that is now known by various names such as bath salt, flakka, bloom, cloud nine, lunar wave, vanilla sky, white lightning and scarface.

Merdegia said, synthetic cathinone primarily affects the brain that causes impassivity or zombie-like effect to anyone who takes it.

It manifests through nose bleeding, hyperactivity, paranoia, panic attack, hallucination, breaking down of internal organs and death.

Thus, it is strictly banned in the United States.

“It leads to craziness. It turns the person into like a zombie, a living dead. Making him unconscious of what he is doing. It could lead to cannibalism, abnormal behavior without noticing that he is hitting on something or somebody,” Merdegia explained.

Merdegia said, humans should not take synthetic cathinone because of its fatal effects.

“This is known as jewelry cleaner, phone screen cleaner, and plant food and it is unfit for human consumption,” he added.

cathinone is one of the new psychoactive substances. The AIDG has warned against it since 2014 because it can easily be bought via online stores.




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