Monday, June 5, 2017

BREAKING: Real reasons behind Gina Lopez disapproval as DENR Sec.

June 6, 2017| Tuesday

Mr. Riyoh made this new and latest video that tackles the topic regarding Gina Lopez disapproval by the CA wherein some members of Liberal Party voted for her.

We explain already few things to remember about this in our page, but this video of explanation made by Mr. Riyoh becomes much clearer.

If we are going to connect the dots related to the politics behind these peoples' interest, we can see how they use the government position to rule power for their businesses.

We hope our kababayans will never forget of what was happened during President Marcos era against the Oligarchs because things may happen again in President Duterte's time because they are the same anti-Elites/Oligarchs.

President Duterte once said that the CIA may assassinate him, and to counter attack evil, we pray hard for his protection. We are also willing to fight in any way to protect him if needed.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: Mr. Riyoh


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