Monday, June 5, 2017

BREAKING: Trillanes urgently fly to Netherlands with suspicious motives

June 6, 2017| Tuesday

Robin Padilla who is now in Netherlands made a live video on his facebook account to expose that Sen. Antonio Trillanes had arrived also in Netherlands for unknown reason.

We all know that Trillanes was part of the government opposition, the Liberal Party. We also now that the living founder of CPP-NPA Joma Sison was in the Netherlands as well.

Ninoy Aquino and Joma Sison was the founder of the terrorist group CPP-NPA which used to attack by the Liberal Party proven by the Quiapo bombing during Marcos era.

Trillanes urgent visit to Netherlands was somehow suspicious because currently the Marawi City was attacked by the Maute-ISIS terorists which obviously funding by the Narco-Politicians wherein Bam Aquino allegedly dealt with the unknown group before the day of the attack.

Liberal Party, was now being quite in this moment where AFP was now nearly to win the battle against Maute-ISIS. The mainstream media was also mum after their declaration of Resorts World attacked was claimed by the ISIS.

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