Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Delivery of P3-billion worth of PNP firearms, ammo during Aquino Admnistration has not yet deliver.

Nearly P3-billion worth of firearms, ammunition, and equipment have not yet been delivered by the Procurement Service (PS) to the Philippine National Police (PNP), state auditors said.

In its report released last June 15, the Commission on Audit (COA) said that between 2013 to 2015, the PNP had paid for some P2.998-billion worth of equipment that have yet to be delivered by the PS, an agency under the budget department.
COA said that around P2.103-billion worth of undelivered items were overdue for two years, including the purchase of motorcycles and patrol years. There were also P893.897 million worth of items that were overdue for 3 or more years, and P1.278 million worth of items that have not yet been delivered for over a year.

These items include the following procurements:

    2,680 units motorcycle 125cc et al - P1.04 billion
    various equipment (887 units motorcycle 125cc et al) balance - P899.631 million
    assorted various equipment balance - P342.838 million
    1,021 units Patrol Jeep balance - P130.832 million
    12,368 units Cal. 9mm balance - P107.843 million
    procurement of various equipment balance - P98.913 million
    26,667 rounds of 7.62MM ammo - P11.895 million
    240,753 rounds of 9mm - P13.498 million
    230,000 rounds of 5.56 M855 ammo - P5.074 million
    297 units Ca. 5.56 assault rifles - P43.21 million
    318 units patrol jeeps - P43.93 million
    48 units handheld dual band communications - P32.005 million

“Analysis of reports monitoring the liquidation/deliveries of APRs (agency procurement requests) showed that only 7.38% (worth P241.784 million) of prior years’ and 0.07% (worth P3.262 million) of CY 2016 purchases/requisitions were delivered during the year,” auditors said.

COA also suggested that the PNP stop transferring funds to the PS, noting that it had transferred P4.112 billion worth of funds last year despite the slow delivery of equipment.

“Almost all of the funds transferred are intended for the procurement of equipment under the Capability Enhancement Program of the Philippine National Police. The additional fund transfer has further increased the outstanding balance by 117.97% or P7,142,087,984.62,” COA said.

Included among the PNP's 2016 purchase requests were various firearms and ammunition, patrol jeeps, and digital handheld radio units.



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