Sunday, June 18, 2017

EPAL ALERT: BistekVille a project housing by the government through peoples tax money!

Sunday| June 18, 2017

June 16, 2017 (Friday) Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, together with Cabinet Secretary and HUDCC Chairman Leoncio Evasco, Jr. and other government officials, led the inauguration of Bistekville 9 in Brgy. Gulod, Quezon City.  Bistekville 9 is one of the ongoing 22 in-city socialized housing projects of the Quezon City Government that seeks to address the lack of affordable housing in urban areas.  Quezon City is currently implementing its City Shelter Plan which covers 36 socialized housing projects.

Mr. Tadeo Palma, Head of the Task Force on Socialized Housing and Development of Blighted Areas, said that the Bistekville 9 is one of the socialized housing projects being implemented by the city, which is target to benefit informal settler families who are previously residing near waterways in Brgy. Gulod and other areas which are identified for relocation.

Brgy. Gulod Chair Aldrin Tolentino expressed his constituents’ gratitude to Mayor Bautista’s housing projects in Brgy. Gulod, which current is the recipient of 3 Bistekvilles.  Mayor Bautista recognized the need of Quezon City to address the shelter concerns of its constituents. He emphasized that this concern is a difficult task but with the help of the private sector, affordable shelter is becoming a reality for the informal settlers of Quezon City.

CabSec. Evasco lauded Mayor Bautista and Quezon City for its efforts of providing socialized housing projects for the urban poor.  He said that Mayor Bautista has compassion for the poor and this concern is concretized by the successful social housing program QC is currently spearheading.  CabSec. Evasco said that the citizens together with the city government and other agencies will need to work hand in hand for a successful endeavour in socialized housing.  He also noted that government processes made need to be reviewed, because presently, the policies are too stringent and that it takes a long time to allow for land conversion for residential use.  This situation may entail reforms in the housing and shelter sector.  Informal settlers are also encumbered by the documentary requirements needed for them to avail decent housing.

Quezon City was able to acquire the property for Bistekville 9 from Mr. Dolphy Quizon in Brgy. Gulod. With its recent development, there are 192 condominiums with a 21 square meter floor area per unit constructed in the site.  The units of Bistekville 9 are intended for organized groups of qualified ISF-beneficiaries in Quezon City.



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