Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Filipino Netizen to Trillanes: Mamatay ka na sana Trillanes, kapal ng mukha mo

June 14, 2017| Wednesday

A Filipino private netizen expresses her anger towards Trillanes because of humiliating our country through mainstream media.

She says that Trillanes can't do to other countries his style of destabilizing the government or else he may face death penalty through beheading.

Trillanes is now boldly opposing the implementation of Martial Law in whole Mindanao after the attacks of Maute-ISIS in Marawi City.

He always have an appearance in mainstream media giving short speeches against the government and specifically to President Duterte.

Trillanes was known an anti-Duterte and pro Liberal Party and wants to oust President Duterte in any means as what he says in his interview with Winnie Monsod in "Bawal ang Pasaway" that he will oust President Duterte this May 2017 and quote,

"Kung hindi madaan sa santong dasalan, daanin sa santong paspasan."

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