Tuesday, June 20, 2017

'Instant Karma' hits G Toengi bigtime? She's now asking for your donations

June 20, 2017| Tuesday

G Toengi was known an opposition against the Duterte supporters particularly Mocha Uson. Recently there were news circulating online that her show "Kababayan Today" was now cancelled from being aired. She is now asking donations on her online accounts.

It was said that the network where her show will be air have sold her time slot for the higher bid which caused the actress to gather $20,000 dollars in total.

According to the video news, G Toengi seems to fail to collect such amount because Netizens online doesn't like her and find her show as non-sense and very biased.

As an update of the solicited amount, G Toengi was only having $1,000 plus on hand and seems impossible to reach the target donations on its deadline.

G Toengi became known in social media because of belittling and insulting Mocha Uson during President Duterte appointment to her as MTRCB board member where she says that Mocha wasn't qualified because she was a former "sex guru" and insisting that Mocha isn't capable for the job because her Bachelor Degree was also not related to the job position.

But Ms. Maharlika, a well known social media vlogger lambasts G Toengi by merely pointing out that Bachelor Degree doesn't measures capability of a person if she really deserves to serve the country by the heart compared to the politicians who currently sitting in the position with higher educational attainment but being linked to the biggest corruption cases and issues.

Does G Toengi being hitted bigtime by what we called 'instant karma'?? YOU be the JUDGE!!

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