Saturday, June 17, 2017

Leni Robredo secretly went to Los Angeles to meet Loida for another destabilization plot

June 18, 2017| Sunday

In this video made by Ms. Maharlika who is based in the United States, a well known Duterte supporter and also known in social media, exposed that Leni Robredo is in Los Angeles to meet and greet with Loida Nicolas Lewis.

Despite the middle of the war in Marawi City, Leni continues to fly over to different places compared to President Duterte who cutted his meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin right away the blast of incident in Marawi City.

Maharlika also exposed that the Office of the Vice President and Liberal Party was also connected to Leni's meet and greet in L.A.

She adds that the website of the OVP should also include in their website the every official and personal out of the country schedule of the "FAKE VP"

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: Maharlika


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