Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Martial law nakatulong sa paglago ng agrikultura sa Mindanao!

Wednesday| June 7, 2017

President Rody Duterte was assured yesterday that the strict enforcement of the law and the impeded movement of armed groups because of the implementation of Martial Law will boost agricultural productivity in Mindanao.

During his quick visit to the 602nd Brigade Headquarters of the Army in Carmen, North Cotabato, I told Pres. Duterte that Martial Law is viewed positively by Mindanao residents, especially farmers and fishermen.

In my meetings and consultations since arriving in Mindanao for a series if engagements last week, I was briefed by agriculture and fisheries sector stakeholders that they feel safer and more secured now with the imposition of MartialLaw in the Southern Islands.
About three months ago, big agricultural companies exporting bananas and pineapple complained of harassments and attacks by the New People's Army who were imposing revolutionary taxes.

Small farmers also complained that they were also being taxed bt the NPAs for every rubber tree and coconut forcing many of them to abandon their farms because they could not afford the taxation.

Earlier this year, a boat-load of fishermen was waylaid and massacred by armed groups off the coast of Zamboanga City.

The movements of the armed groups, the taxation and attacks on agriculture facilities have been greatly reduced with increased military presence because of Martial Law.

These developments if sustained could result in a more robust growth and greateractivity for the agriculture and fisheries sectors.

Pres. Duterte visited the military camp to be briefed on the activities and accomplishments of the Armed Forces.

He was joined by AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Año and Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Glorioso Miranda.

SOURCE: Manny Piñol


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