Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rappler's Maria Ressa, suffers from superiority complex and other psychological disorders?

June 26, 2017| Monday


Several months ago, Rappler zookeeper Maria Ressa said independent social media publishers like ThinkingPinoy are just "gaming the system", similar to what Inday Espina-Varona called "manufactured noise".

That is, Ressa thinks our stats are simply fabricated and that we do not exert real and substantial influence over Filipinos.

Ressa, like Varona, essentially claims that we do not have a real following, i.e. we are just lone voices.

Then last week, Ressa suddenly showed up in whatever European city that is, proselytizing in front of the Global Editors Network against the vicious attacks from ThinkingPinoy.

Okay, hold on one sec.

Ressa, with the hundreds of millions of funding you get from foreigners, you are still so insecure that you still feel threatened by, according to you, a lone voice who, by the way, receives so little funding from his own readers that he sometimes has to work in the searing Manila heat without airconditioning just to make ends meet?

Darling, you need not wage a war against what you think is "fake news": all you need to do is see a psychotherapist.

Get rid of those voices in your head. They're nasty.

And lastly, SAY NO TO DRUGS!

Source: ThinkingPinoy


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