Monday, June 5, 2017

SHOCKING: Trillanes has a brilliant idea, He proposes steps on how to defeat Maute

June 5, 2017| Monday

My proposed solutions to crush the Mautes and other terrorist groups without Martial Law

1. Sustained military operations

Time and again, the AFP has consistently crushed the enemy forces it has faced.

2. Increased intelligence funds of the AFP/PNP

Realign Malacanang's P18B Intelligence/Confidential Funds (this includes the P1.4B of Sec. Andanar's PCOO) to augment AFP's P1.6B Intelligence Fund.

3. Intensify intelligence operations

Once the Intelligence Funds of AFP/PNP had been augmented, the intensified intelligence operations will effectively pinpoint the exact location of the terrorist cells throughout the country without affecting the way of life and freedom of the Filipinos.

4. Pass the National ID System Bill
This will make it difficult for terrorists and lawless elements to go through checkpoints and airports, and to conduct other activities.

5. Provisional Enlisted Personnel Bill
This will allow the AFP to recruit 20,000 troops to augment its present force and therefore be more effective in dealing with different national security threats.

6. Vigilance of the civilian populace

Everyone should be empowered to participate and contribute to our national security.

-Sen. Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV


Source: Antonio Trillanes Facebook


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