Friday, June 9, 2017

UPDATE: PNP crime lab now released the autopsy of the RW suspect Jesse Carlos

June 10, 2017| Saturday

Manila Philippines—A self inflicted contact wound from under the chin that exited his head was caused the immediate death for the Resorts World lone gunman and a frustrated thief Jesse Javier Carlos.

According to the result, PNP crime laboratory showed the autopsy report of the RW attacker Jesse Carlos.

Based from the further investigation, the claimed of the RW security that they shot the suspect was not being match to the autopsy of the suspect.

The autopsy shows that he only has one bullet shot that was located under his chin exited to his head that caused his death and based on the reports, he didn't burn himself but only the entire room where he is located.

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Article by Admin Sofie


Source: PTV


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