Saturday, June 10, 2017

WATCH: Angel Locsin visits Marawi Evacuees, Gives relief goods

Saturday| June 10, 2017

Actress Angel Locsin joined the group Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP) on Friday to visit families displaced by the fighting in Marawi City.

RMP – Northern Mindanao Region and Kalinaw Mindanao released photos of the visit, which showed Locsin wearing a hijab and interacting with evacuees in Baloi, Lanao del Norte.

The group said they visited a place called Maahad Abdul Hamid where 283 individuals are temporarily staying. They distributed food packs and school supplies.

“She (Locsin) then went around other nearby evacuation centers to check on their situation as well. She will later on be visiting another evacuation center to join the evacuees for iftar (breaking of fast),” RMP said in a statement.

The group said it is the second time that Locsin has “come to provide relief in the wake of armed conflict.” It said Locsin, “whose Maranao lineage through a local family has brought her to the concerns of the Moro people,” went to Lanao del Norte back in 2008 after the breakdown of talks on the Memorandum of Agreement on a Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (MOA-BJE).

The group will be distributing 300 relief packs donated by Locsin on Saturday at an evacuation center in Iligan.




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