Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WATCH: Duterte says Philip Lustre is suffering from mental impotence

DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte hit a journalist who reported he is suffering from throat cancer and cleared that even if it is true, it cannot disqualify him if ever he will seek the presidency.

 In his weekly television program, Duterte hit Philip Jr. Lustre, a Manila based journalist, saying Lustre should better see a doctor for a brain check-up. "You are suffering from mental impotence, you are to see a doctor," Duterte said, referring to Lustre. Lustre posted on his Facebook account that throat cancer is the main reason why Duterte's family opposed his running for president as this may worsen his disease.

"You are a journalist, sa imong level di man pod ingon nga your English is acceptable, tolerable, grammatically correct. There is something wrong in your mind. It is not really working," Duterte said. On Lustre's suggestion that he should be more transparent on his health condition, Duterte replied that he has been doing this for so long.

"I've said (it before) I'm suffering from barges disease. It is not a disease, it is a constriction of a blood vessels because of nicotine," Duterte said. He added that he also has a problem with his spine due to a motorcycle accident. Duterte said even if he has a throat cancer, that won't be a problem if he becomes president since there is always someone who would assume post in case it gets worse.

"Cancer has nothing to do with the presidency. If I can be a president for two days, three years fine, there's always a vice president. Wala namang problema kung ma-presidente ka," Duterte said.




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