Tuesday, June 13, 2017

WATCH: LP Senators once again hit back against the current Government

June 13, 2017| Tuesday

In this short interview with the LP Senators, Drilon hits back to Sec. Aguirre regarding his investigation linking Bam Aquino with the Maute-ISIS terrorist.

Aguirre suspected Aquino as the brain of the Maute- ISIS terrorism attack in Marawi City and says that he has evidences which still under in verification and sooner to be released once verified.

Drilon adds that Aguirre should only focus on DOJ and not to interfere with the LP Senators. He insists that Aguirre is only using fake news that will only lead to fake investigation.

Kiko Pangilinan says that the current government was using the power to attack them using fake news because they are part of the opposition. He adds that this current government is not giving their voice to oppose..

Trillanes says that when President Duterte got oust from his position as president, they will be all in jail.

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