Sunday, June 4, 2017

WATCH: Proof that ISIS inflatrated PH in 2015, PNOY do nothing about this!

Sunday| June 4, 2017

Since December 2015, the ISIS has been releasing videos showing a training camp, endurance exercises of the new recruits and pledging loyalty to the jihadist group ISIS in a forested area in the Philippines.

Daily Mail UK, a newsworthy international media  stated that the ISIS commanders were encouraging Filipino trainees to travel to Syria then exposed the terror camp in the Philippines.

A series of videos were released by the jihadi group yet Aquino’s administration seems to ignore the said propaganda. The videos also expose the recruits who pledges their allegiance to the ISIS.

Former President Benigno Aquino III said before that there is no imminent credible terrorist threat in the Philippines. “Is there a credible threat? Is there an identified threat? None. Is there a general threat? Yes. We are not immune to the problem of extremism,” said Aquino.

Colonel Restituto Padilla said that they are just “mere gangs” who rides on the ISIS’ popularity.

It was also reported that ISIS followers have killed 289 people since April 2015.

Last May 23, 2017 Maute group, another group who pledged allegiance to ISIS, attacked Marawi City.




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