Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WATCH: SC Justice Castillo lectures Lagman after insisting that Marawi Crisis cannot be consider as ‘rebellion’

Thursday| June 15, 2017

Supreme Court Justice Marianlo del Castillo said told Albay First District Representative Edcel Lagman that the situation in Marawi City can be considered as act of rebellion during the first day of oral arguments on three petitions to nullify the declaration of Martial law.

According to Lagman who represented the opposition lawmakers said that ‘“Acts of terrorism are not necessarily equivalent to actual rebellion and the consequent requirement of securing public safety,”

Lagman said that President Rodrigo Duterte, “must be factually correct” and “may no be arbitrary or capricious in appreciation of the facts.”

He slammed President Rodrigo Duterte’s report to congress, which Lagman labeled as full of lies and falsities.

He stressed that President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t consulted the defense secretary or the generals before declaring martial law.

“It stands to reason that when the President exercises a very serious, extraordinary power, he must be supported by the necessary coordination, recommendation, and consultation from the ranking officials of the defense and military sectors,” Lagman said.

He also said that the video of Isnilon Hapilon planning to takeover of Marawi City that convinced the senators to support the martial law declaration was recovered two days after martial law was declared so it’s not the basis of President Duterte to declare martial law.

But Supreme Court Justice Mariano del Castillo quizzed Lagman about his arguments about the martial law declaration.

Justice del Castillo asked Lagman if the lawmaker already visited Marawi City since the crisis erupted to which Lagman answered no.

del Castillo said that petitioners cannot say martial law in Mindanao if they didn’t personally visited Marawi City and experienced the real situation in the place

“So it would be too difficult to say that the situation there does not amount to rebellion. You’ve not been there, you’re not on the ground, you don’t know the situation there. How can you dispute now the findings of sufficiency of factual bases for the declaration?” del Castillo said.

The SC Justice said that many soldiers already died and people already evacuated in their homes because of the war in Marawi City and he asked Lagman why he’s so worried about the martial law in Mindanao.

“The military casualty count as of last Sunday is already 58 soldiers, Congressman, dead soldiers of ours. And there are 25,000 evacuees now in Iligan City. So for you the situation is still not that serious for Martial Law to … I mean, Martial Law will only be with us for 60 days, assuming that he [Duterte] won’t lift the proclamation earlier. With all the safeguards, I don’t know why you are so worried.” del Castillo told Lagman.

del Castillo also said that Maute Terrorist Group who pledged their allegiance with the Islamic State raised their flags all around city, a sign that the armed group wanted to remove the power of the government over Marawi City.

They’re precisely putting up their flag there to supplant the authority of the local government of their own, in effect they’re trying to remove the allegiance of Marawi City from the government,” del Castillo said.

But Lagman said that the raising of an ISIS flag is the Maute Terrorist Group ‘cheap propaganda’

The lawmaker also believed that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) can end the Marawi City crisis without the imposing of martial law in Mindanao.




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