Saturday, June 24, 2017

WATCH: Sen. Trillanes will file case against BBC for humiliating him on National TV

June 24, 2017| Saturday

After Trillanes interview with the foreign media news BBC hosted by Stephen Sucker on a segment titled "Hard Talk" it becomes viral on social media.

Netizens online noticed how Trillanes answers the interviewer indirectly and out of point.

The BBC host also shocked by Trillanes and tell him frankly about his background profile.

Here are some excerpts from Stephen Sackur , who had a factual bird’s eye-view of the Filipino public’s sentiments.

    “Are you a democrat? Senator Trillanes?”

Trillanes answered:

    “Yes, ah… I am from the Nationalista Party.”

    “No, I’m not talking about party affiliations. I’m talking about your commitment to democracy.”

    “Isn’t it the truth that the Filipino public elected President Duterte because they want a tough guy for the presidency?”

    “It’s not easy for me to judge but looking at the comments made by the members of the public in Manila to news agencies, they’re saying things like: ‘The streets are safer now, here in the Philippines we needed a ruler with an iron fist.’ These are quotes from the general public that seems to be the mood. The ratings for Duterte still remain high – 75% approval rating. I’m just wondering whether your comment, which are constantly negative, are out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion.”

    “Believe me senator, if a western politician receives a 75% approval rating they will regard that as the happiest day of their life”

    In May 2015, he said, am I the deathsquad? It’s true, that is true. So again he put his own record in front of the Filipino public even to the point of discussing his association with death squads and the Filipino public decided that this was the man to clean up your country.”

    “So in political terms, it seems to be you’re bashing your head against a brick wall.”

    “For all your fears of what Duterte means for the Philippines, right now viewed by many ordinary Filipinos, this guy is doing a decent job.”

    “He really has the best interest of the poor. The country has never been governed by a man from Mindanao… and that appeals to many people.”

    “But look, the country is growing at 7% per year… in a way Duterte appears to be working for the Philippines.”

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