Monday, July 17, 2017

Duterte: Kasong isinampa kay Aquino ampaw at walang patutunguhan

July 18, 2017| Tuesday

 The charges the Ombudsman filed against former President Benigno Aquino III in connection with his role in the ill-fated police operation in Mamasapano more than two years ago are bound to fail, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday.

Duterte said that as President, Aquino had the power to call former Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima for help, considering he was not a military person.

“Bugok man iyang rekomendasyon na iyan... The charges are there to ensure its failure,” Duterte told reporters after the ceremonial turnover of the draft of the new Bangsamoro basic law in Malacañang.

“He was not usurping. He did not took an oath there and said I am assuming… Wala. He was just being consulted kaya iyong charge kay Aquino will fail,” he added.

Duterte also called the charges against Aquino silly for doing what was legal to begin with.

“Charging Aquino for that, silly. My term. It is a silly charge. Kasi iyong mga failure, usurpation, those positions, when the President assumes the role there, sabihin niya, ‘O, I take over,’ iyong role mo whatever na in-usurp is perfectly legal because it is the President,” Duterte said.

“The President has control of all departments, Cabinet. Control because he has the power to override or change or amend your order,” he added.



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