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Manny Piñol slams Lagman: You’re there when the farming equipments distributed in Albay

July 5, 2017| Wednesday

DA Secretary Manny Piñol slams Lagman: "Hindi lang po si Pangulong Duterte ang ininsulto ninyo.. Inalipusta nyo pati ang mga manggawa"

How can Albay Representative Congressman Edcel Lagman audaciously claim that Duterte did nothing good during his initial year in office:

How can Albay Representative Congressman Edcel Lagman audaciously claim that Duterte did nothing good during his initial year in office, when in truth and in fact Lagman and his congressional district had received considerable support, aid and assistance from the Department of Agriculture headed by Secretary Manny Piñol, which is basically a part of Duterte’s executive committee?

That is an obvious point to establish Congressman Edcel Lagman’s so-called “hypocrisy”. That same speculation had also been the focus of the Facebook status posted by DA Secretary, Manny Piñol himself wary of Lagman’s groundless allegations and claims.

“I was deeply bothered and hurt by the statement issued by Albay Congressman Edcel Lagman, in assessing the first year performance of the Duterte Administration, that President Duterte has done nothing good for the country,” Piñol wrote.

Piñol, who asserted in his post his dissent to “pick a quarrel with anybody” had been triggered by Lagman’s statements claiming that with such awful remarks the congressman had basically “affronted” not only President Rodrigo Duterte but also the efforts made by Piñol himself and his department.

“I do not like to pick a quarrel with anybody. I just wanted to do my job silently, without much fanfare. But the statement of Cong. Lagman was not only an affront on the President but also a total and cruel disregard of the efforts of the Department of Agriculture to help his constituents,” Piñol claimed.

To concretize his assertion, Piñol narrated how the Department of Agriculture had been so sincere in giving up to the demands and considerable requests of the congressman.

Cong. Lagman was there when the DA distributed equipment and other farm items for the farmers and fisher folks of the Bicol Region including his province Albay,” claimed Piñol.

“It was [also] in that meeting,” Piñol continued, “where he requested for fiberglass fishing boats from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) which I immediately approved.”

Piñol also claimed that immediately after Lagman’s request, the initial 50 units of paddle boats have been delivered. It was also then when the Congressman, refused the donation claiming that he wanted “motorized fishing boats” instead.

“The first 50 units of paddle boats were delivered immediately but when he informed me later that what he wanted to have was the motorised fishing boat, I again instructed the BFAR to deliver the boats to him…We have pictures to prove this,” Piñol ardently claimed.

Despite all these, Piñol, as stated in his Facebook post, had tried to understand Lagman’s position given the congressman is a blatant stalwart of the opposition. Perhaps, Lagman is just “standing up to his role”, said Piñol. What caught the nerves of the DA Secretary however, was the outspoken statement given by Lagman against Duterte who, as how Lagman characterized, “has done nothing good for the country”.

Source: DA Secretary Manny Piñol Facebook


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